Application Process:

  1. Applicant submits application letter together with updated resume and necessary licenses and/or certificates to the Office of the Medical Center Chief
  2. Office of the Medical Center Chief forwards application documents to the HRMO.
  3. HRMO reviews line up of applicants for evaluation.
  4. Applicants attend the scheduled pre-interview examination and  final interview of the Selection, Placement, Promotion Board.
  5. SPPB secretariat computes ratings and deliberation of SPPB.
  6. Final Ranking of the SPPB is forwarded to the OMCC.
  7. The appointing officer (Medical Center Chief) selects the final list of qualified applicants.
  8. Selected qualified applicants will be posted on the HRMO bulletin board, applicants will be informed thru call or text to submit pre-employment requirements.
  9. New employees attends orientation and assumes duty.

Please visit Human Resource Management Office for more information.