November 20, 2017


The Dream. It all started with a dream – a dream to build a facility dedicated to pediatric patients of Batangas Medical Center. A building that will help us achieve our mission to render better service to the children of Calabarzon and the whole of the Southern Tagalog Region.

The Realization. The Pediatric Department was granted with a 4-storey building to construct. Planning had been tedious as Pediatric Consultants shared their ideas to create a facility based on how they envisioned it.


The Planning. Due to limited budget coming from the government sources, the project needed to be strategically planned. After complex brain storming, the consultants arrived to a single vision to prioritize the completion of the second (2nd) floor where the main pediatric hospital services can be maximized.


The Priority Floor. The Second (2nd) Floor includes following rooms: Isolation Room, Respiratory Ward, Miscellaneous Room, Male and Female Adolescent Room and the Pediatrics Conference. The NICU and PICU, however, will not be included right away.


The Future. The department has greater plans on succeeding floors as we turn our focus to the Neonatal Care (also part of the Millennium Development Goal of the World Health Organization). We made sure that programs of the Department of Health for neonates specifically, NBST, NBHT, Kangaroo Mother Care and Breastfeeding will be given assigned rooms for the proper application of the Care for Small Babies.


The Vision. The Pediatric Department of the Batangas Medical Center believes that with these projects underway, our Pediatric Services will be certified as the leading teaching and training department that gives a huge contribution in maintaining a healthy Calabarzon.