Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicine Grand Opening

           The Republic Act 8423 also known as the (TAMA) Law was authored by Former Health Secretary and Senator Juan Flavier and was signed into law on December 9, 1997 to improve the quality and delivery of health care services to the Filipino through the development of traditional and health care and its integration into the national health care delivery system. With this in mind, DOH CHD IV-A Regional Director Dr. Eduardo Janairo envisioned the project to establish the Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicine (TCAM) program in CaLaBaRZon that will be the gateway to strengthen primary health care in accordance with the provisions of Republic Act 11223 also known as Universal Health Care (UHC) of 2019 specifically under section 6 “Service Coverage”.

            In this regard, the program of CHD IV-A under Health Accessibility and Innovation Unit (HAIDU) was tasked to establish TCAM Center in Batangas Medical Center with the following objectives: 1.)To provide a traditional, alternative, and complementary management for common diseases through traditional medicine practices within the health facility/community; 2.) To enhance the capacity of Batangas Medical Center workforce in performing TCAM practices and modalities; 3.) To create a model facility (Hospital level) offering TCAM services within CaLaBaRZon.

tcam dr magnaye           dra publico tcam

            On March 28, 2022 the TCAM Center of the Batangas Medical Center opened its doors to the BatMC employees and had the launching of the different services it will offer. The program commenced with a pranic healing session conducted by the certified pranic healersof the Southern Tagalog Pranic Healing Center headed by Ms. Donna Francisco. The Medical Center Chief, Dr. Ramoncito Magnaye then gave his opening remarks and joyfully welcomed the guests who attended the event. This is followed by the inspirational and congratulatory messages from Dr. Anabelle Pabiona-De Guzman, MD, FPAFP, MA MED(UK), Cese (PITAHC Director General), Dr.Maritess Teresita M.Torio (Chief of Medical and Professional Staff) and Dr. Eduardo C. Janairo, MD, MPH, CESO III (Former Regional Director, DOH CHD Calabarzon). The program concluded with the closing remarks delivered by Dr. MerlitaPublico, DFCM chairman.


                                                                  tcam3         tcam4

Ribbon cutting ensued which was headed by Dr. Magnaye and Dr.Torio. This was then succeeded by the blessing of the different modalities of the TCAM center by Fr.Jessie Pentinio. These are the following modalities being offered at the TCAM center:

  • Pranic Healing (Energy Assessment)-this is a kind of healing, which utilizes “life force”, “energy” or prana to accelerate the body’s inborn ability to heal itself.
  • Live Blood Analyzer- using one to two drops of blood, the blood cell’s size, shape, ratio, and fine structure can be investigated and can identify health problems and development of suitable treatment protocols.
  • Ventosa- relief of muscle tension by “cupping” to improve overall blood flow and promote cell repair. This may also help in the formation of new connective tissues and create new blood vessels in the tissue.
  • Tens Therapy- pads are directly attached to the skin and small electrical impulses are delivered to the affected area of the body. This helps reduce pain and muscle spasms caused by arthritis, period pain, pelvic pain, knee pain, neck pain, and sports injuries.
  • Disease Prevention Analyzer- this is done by holding a sensor where the analyzer can rapidly read the electromagnetic resonance of cells within the various body systems and produce a set of data that are analyzed. Any variations from standard value are indications of health issues that may need to be addressed.
  • Body Weight Analyzer (Karada)- a comprehensive body composition monitor that provides extensive insight into body and visceral fat, skeletal muscle, subcutaneous fat, BMI, and resting metabolism.
  • Electric Acupuncture- this uses high-tech computer chip to control low-frequency output through foot reflexology to achieve relief of pain, clearing of meridians, detoxification of skin, and elimination of fatigue and other health effects
  • Foot Massager- to improve metabolism, reduce stress, increase blood circulation, and promote relaxation
  • Eye and Head Massager- this adopts air pressure, vibration, and heat compression massaging technology to massage the regions around the head and eyes while enjoying and listening to a peaceful music
  • High Potential Therapy- this device generates and uses powerful negatively-charged static electricity that can eliminate the root causes of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, herpes, hepatitis, and influenza.
  • Biozapper- this is an antimicrobial device that attempts to find a cure to even the mostdeadly disease (HIV/AIDS and cancer). This device produces electromagnetic energy that stretches from low to high frequencies.
  • Ion Foot Detox- The goal is for removal of toxins from stress, fatigue, overeating, smoking, and other harmful substances from the environment.
  • Exercise Modalities
    • Exercise Equipment (Treadmill, Bench Press, Aerobic Stepper)


It was a successful event that ended with the guests trying out the different modalities. The opening of TCAM Center is a great avenue for promoting a stress-free and relaxing atmosphere that all BATMC employees could enjoy that will surely will keep them coming back for more.