In line with the National TB Control Program's priority interventions  to achieve the PhilSTEP1 vision of a TB Free Philippines by 2035, the Batangas Medical Center in partnership with Family Health International (FHI360) - TB Innovations and Health Systems Strengthening Project, Global Fund-ACCESS TB Project, Center for Health Development IV-A, Batangas Provincial Health Office, and Batangas City Health Office  will have its full implementation of a strategy  entitled "Kumusta  Ba-Ga?" - an intensified TB Case finding model utilizing Digital X-ray with computer-assisted Chest X-ray reading.


            Batangas Medical Center is the first among other selected institutions to implement this strategy. This project will run for six(6) months or targets to achieve at least 15,000 Chest X-Rays with the hope of finding TB Cases even on asymptomatic patients.

            The free Chest X-ray is offered to patients 15 years old and above every Tuesdays to Fridays, starts at 6:30 in the morning until 3 o' clock in the afternoon, at the Out-Patient Department of Batangas Medical Center.